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Into the Abyss...
Proceed with caution
22nd July 2014
5 Enter the Night...
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late Stream - Starts 7/24, 14:30 Pacific Standard Time →


2 days left. I’ll be hosting a stream showing Under Night In-Birth! Stream will start Thursday at 2:30 PST!!

Be there

I always wondered what Hyde would look like before bleaching his hair and stuff.

I may work on it more.

21st July 2014
7 Enter the Night...


check out this wet noodle idiot

"You know what would be nice? People who don’t knock at my door talking about shit I don’t care about."

*knock knock*

"See what I mean…"

"We don’t want any, fuckers. Go knock at the Kido residence. Two blocks down…"

20th July 2014
3425 Enter the Night...
Send me what you think my character’s best/cutest quality is
20th July 2014
8795 Enter the Night...
IF you see me replying to everyone’s thread but yours


It is for one of these reasons

  • I dont have the muse for that thread at the moment
  • I didnt see your reply
  • I haven’t gotten to it yet
  • I dont know what to write
  • Im dumb
  • Aliens

It is never because

  • I hate you
  • I’m ignoring you
  • you are a bad role player.

Are we clear?


I love you all!

20th July 2014
5 Enter the Night...